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Transferring of Domain(s)

There are several things that you should consider before initiating a domain transfer process. Here are some of those:

If your Domain is Eligible for Transfer

So how will you know if your domain is eligible for transfer? The first thing that makes a domain eligible is if it is still active. Expired domains, even if it has only expired a day before you plan to transfer it to another host, cannot be transferred. The only way that you can transfer this domain from your current host/registrar is to make a renewal first. Once it has been renewed, you can now proceed to transfer this domain to another host.

Another way to see if your domain is eligible for transfer is if it’s expiration date is more than a month away. The reason why is because the process of transferring your domain will take about 5-7 days. If you transferred a domain with less than 5 days before it expires, the transfer process will fail.

If your Domain is Unlocked for Transfer

Another important factor is your domain’s status. This is if your domain can be transferred or has been prohibited by your current host/registrar. You can view this by accessing your domain’s control panel (not cPanel) at your current host/registrar.

Some hosts/registrars, like DomainWink, offers a control panel which will allow it’s clients to freely lock and unlock their domain. However, there are also hosts/registrars which won’t give this control to their clients. If this control is not available with your current host/registrar, you can request to unlock your domain by simply sending them an email.

If WHOIS Privacy is Enabled

In addition to sending them a request to release or unlock your domain for transfer, you can also request for them to disable your WHOIS Privacy (if it is enabled). You can also check this in your domain’s control panel (not cPanel) if it is enabled.

Acquiring your EPP Code

EPP or¬†Extensible Provisioning Protocol is an authentication code which is required before initiating the transfer process. This is a security code used to ensure that the only person authorized to transfer their domain are those that has acquired their EPP Code. You can acquire this from your domain’s control panel (not cPanel) or by requesting this from your current host/registrar.

Access to your Domain’s Administrative Email

In addition to EPP Codes, DomainWink also requires our clients/customers to have access to their domain’s administrative email. This is because before we can initiate the transfer process of their domain, we will require them to first click the authentication link that will be sent to this domain’s administrative email.

This is part of DomainWink’s security protocol which will ensure that the only person that can be able to initiate the transfer process is the actual person that has access to it’s Administrative Email. Failing to click the Authentication Link within 5 days will cause the transfer process to fail. This will require you to re-initiate the transfer of your domain to us by repeating the whole process.

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