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Client Portal – Support Ticket

A step-by-step guide on how to send a support ticket to any department of DomainWink regarding any concerns or inquiry you have with our services.

Step 1 – Login your Client Portal Account

Login your Client Portal Account here: https://www.domainwink.com/clients/dashboard

Step 2 – Click “Support”

Click the “Support” button above your Client Portal Dashboard.

Step 3 – Click “Submit New Ticket”

Click the “Submit New Ticket” link in the page that will appear.

Step 4 – Fill-out the Form

Fill-out the form with your concern/inquiry. Choose an appropriate Subject name to define your concern/inquiry. Attach a file (image or text) to further support your concern/inquiry.

Step 5 – Click “Submit Ticket”

Click the “Submit Ticket” button to submit your ticket.

Step 6 –View the Status of your Ticket

Move back to your Support Page to view the status of your ticket.


F.A.Qs. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How will I know if a response had already been made?
A. You can click any active tickets in your Support Page to see if a response had already been made. You may also check the “Status” regarding this matter. An email will also be sent to your email address on every response our personnel will make, in which you may also respond back using your email address.

Q. How soon will I receive a response?
A. Response time varies greatly on the concern/inquiry. Sales and billing inquiries can only be resolved within office hours. Technical concern/inquiries can be resolved on any hour. Response time regarding any technical concern/inquiries may still depend on the complexity of the concern/inquiry.

Q. How can I respond to the ticket?
A. You may respond back to a reply by using the Support Ticket Reply Form found inside each ticket you sent (after clicking the ticket). You may also respond to the email that you will receive on any response our personnel will send you.

Q. How can I close a Ticket?
A. To close an on-going conversation, simply open the ticket you wish to close, and then click the “If resolved, click here to close the ticket” button.

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